Zoom meeting – 2nd September 2020

Zoom meeting – 2nd September 2020

Please note this is not the formal minute.

Individual Actions

Graham – to contact Dave P re help with litter collecting equipment
Tanya – to confirm details for market stand on 12th and update social media activities; to confirm banner provision and funding.
Eugene – to remind James re need for another 500 leaflets in time for 12th; to make informal inquiries re support for setting up bank account after end of month

General Decisions

  • To agree arrangements for the two September events in detail at next week’s meeting.
  • Beach Clean Up – will be from 11.00-13.00 on Saturday 19th September. CLEAR contacted re support. Ideas for other volunteers welcome
  • Pop Up stand at Argos in Leven in December to be explored.
  • Schools engagement especially Levenmouth Academy to become a priority. First step the creation of an A5 leaflet to be created focusing on employment opportunities. Graham to do the initial draft aided by Ken.
  • Need to go over what individuals are doing at market/pop-up so that it’s clear before the day.

Next meeting Wednesday 9th where the priority will be be finalising arrangements for both the market stand and beach clean up.

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