Online Survey results for August 2020

Online Survey results for August 2020

After looking at our website, what are your first thoughts about this project? Do you think it’s a good idea? Do you think it’s possible?

Answered: 12
Skipped: 0

  1. Great idea, Leven needs a unique draw to bring visitors in, so they spend in the local economy
  2. Love it! Hope it’s possible
  3. Strong impact, immense prescience as a structure/sculpture. As valuable as a water feature as all sculpture I’ve seen inland at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. It’s going to draw immense amounts of people so PLEASE consider their impact and footprint in getting there and being there. I would love to see this built and bring my children .
  4. Like the pier idea not so sure about the whales
  5. Money pit. Who is going to maintain it? Be better to have something which had a more practical purpose. There’s probablt a reason no one had built a pier for over 100 years
  6. Yes it’s a good idea , possible if funding stream exist.
  7. I think its an over the top idea that will be another eyesore on a great beach. The pier is a good idea but the whale is not. Nobody in Leven mouth has anything to do with whales. Most people have never seen one in the forth. Since when do local politicians decide what a piece of public art should be? Its an insult to local artists and to art in general. A whale sculpture will not significantly reduce deprivation in this area either.
  8. I think the idea has great potential to change the future of Levenmouth, the project is very ambitious but anything is always possible.
  9. This level of ambition is needed if you are to succeed in drawing new visitors. A commendable idea.
  10. Fabulous idea to generate interest and tourism in Fife. A focal point to stop and visit rather than bypassing Leven on way to east neuk. Of course it is possible. Build it and they will come…probably on mass. Easily visited on day trip for many locals aswell as tourists. Expand project to incorporate seafront with plenty parking and access. In Scotland we are missing a trick when it comes the motor home community who love to park up at scenic spots but not necessarily campsites. We should develop aires as in Europe which provide basics like chemical toilet stations, water fill up and disposal all for a 24hr charge. Motorhomers will spend locally and having designated areas stops locals being upset by inconsiderate parking and disposal of waste. Also put plenty rubbish bins. Another idea would be barbq stations and picnic benches
  11. Yes to the pier, not sure about the whale sculpture though
  12. Any idea like this is great to make the most of a very underused asset the area has, “the beach” It’s certainly possible when you see the other examples of large art/sculpture projects in scotland

What could the buildings look like? The pier, the education centre?

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  1. Although modern I think a classic pier look would be great, a modern take on the classic Victorian pier buildings with a nod to the historic industry of the area
  2. Needs to be fitting to the surroundings. Modern and very eco friendly. Materials running of the building etc
  3. Buildings echoing waves. With colours of the sea. Plenty of local driftwood and beach found materials shells etc, pebbles areas fur sand sculptors and lessons etc
  4. Simple long pier with some reference to local buildings, industrial architecture of the area
  5. Bauhaus. Lose the whales.
  6. Natural but modern design materials would be good, although ind like to see a refurbishment/ painting of the Iron Brig at Balfours that the pier could echo as a nod to the areas industrial past.
  7. The pier should fit with the local architecture and not disrupt the look of the coastline too much, but again, designers should present options for the community to decide.
  8. I think the pier should be quite a simple design so not to detract from the main sculptures. I like the idea of the education centre being self sufficient, it should also have large glazed areas to capture the views of the sculptures and Largo Law possibly even glazed panels in the roof to capture the unique vies of the whales when they are illuminated at night.
  9. Either an ultra-modern design or one which accurately reflects Victorian piers or US-style boardwalks.
  10. Eco friendly. Low impact so as not to distract from the whale.
  11. I would look to iconic piers for inspiration but with a modern contemporary look
  12. I’ve no idea, the area is a mix of various styles, the swimming pool design is a strange one in contrast to the surrounding area

How do you think we should engage the local community?

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  1. Creative classes through the winter months, pensioners drop in with tea/biscuits, beachcomber kids classes
  2. Marketing/engagement on local facebook pages. Continuous updates, facebook live Q&A. Local businesses involvement, Fife properties etc Engage with local schools drawing competitions for primary pupils and design competitions for secondary such as what materials, energy etc can be used
  3. Bring those in to meetings who don’t usually engage. Disenfranchised youth etc. Skills workshops, ideas,
  4. Visits to the site for local children to imagine the pier, and design what it should look like.
  5. Properly. How much do the Kelpies cost to run? How much real money is created for the local area beyond money Solent in the cafe.
  6. Social media , street stalls , get brag, clear , dapl feat , business and people in recovery from mental health and alcohol and drug problems involved
  7. Don’t come up with an idea then present it to us. Give the funding raised to local community projects who have been working hard with the community for years.
  8. I think what is being done at present is working as the project comes up in conversation, maintain the good social media presence and keep sharing regular updates to keep the project visible.
  9. Outdoor cafes weather-proofed for all seasons
  10. Through the schools. Competitions for the kids to get involved. Local meetings.
  11. Website, posters, social media
  12. With a similar method the Levenmouth Rail Campaign has used

What kind of promotional merchandise could we create for this project?

Answered: 12
Skipped: 0

  1. Other than the usual pens and pencils… Silver jewellery, driftwood art, seaglass art, small watercolour prints by local artists, handmade gifts, local sweets, the chance to do a brass rubbing image of the whales
  2. Eco friendly related, bags for life, gifts made from recycled materials
  3. Tshirts, posters, art, postcards, have a photo wall so all people involved can be seen. Another if all who visited and with comments ? Jigsaw, mugs, all with the onus of being environmentally friendly
  4. Photos of humpback whales in the Forth, t shirts
  5. Depends on who you think is going to give you the money.
  6. Short films , you tube channels , t shirts ,get council to adopt a Levenmouth flag with whales on
  7. A leaflet explaining why this project deserves funding from local businesses more than community projects and charities. Why a sculpture will be better for people living living here than real community work. Its a lot of money to spend on a sculpture in the middle of some of the most deprived communities in scotland so you need to justify it. And not just ‘it will bring a boost to local businesses’ because there are many ways to help local businesses that don’t involve an expensive whale.
  8. Something that is not single use and people will keep for a long time based on a whale possibly for in the garden, the usual balloons, stickers etc are only good for a short term hit. The merchandise should also target the correct demographic to ensure maximum exposure to the project.
  9. Learn from the success of The Kelpies
  10. Fridge magnets! No seriously the sky is the limit for merchandise. Get local artists on board to create some original work that can be printed onto environmentally friendly stuff like water bottles, tote bags, reusable coffee cups. Avoid plastic as much as possible to promote plastic free oceans
  11. Not sure
  12. Explore details

What do you think the iconic structure could look like? Any and all ideas are welcome!

Answered: 12
Skipped: 0

  1. Giant whale arching out of waves, with another whale’s tail behind
  2. Imposing structure beautifully lit at night that can be seen from miles around
  3. Like the Kelpies in use of materials if possible so light can flicker between. In motion out of the water partially.
  4. A pier with places to sit and watch the sea, a deck for boats to take people whale watching.
  5. In 10 years – broken, tarnished and tired.
  6. Not sure why humpbacked whales are the choice? Are they really sighted regularly in forth? Borrowing form Kelpies concept is smart. The ability to go around and inside structures would be effective/attractive and view pint seating and cafe would be great.
  7. Local artists should present designs and the local community should choose their favourite.
  8. In my opinion the structures would need to be based on a similar theme to the kelpies.
  9. Ideally free to visit but drawing income from associated sales and activities.
  10. Love what has already been envisage. Kelpies are now iconic all over the world,so could the Leven whale. Love the design of it on the webpage. Looks magnificent breaching out of water at end of pier. So excited to see it being developed. Have family in Leven so would be lovely to visit and also for the locals to have something to be proud of
  11. Not sure the sculptor is needed
  12. The suggested idea of two humpback whales seems good, I regularly head out in a kayak from the beach and throughout the summer months often see dolphins, pilot whales and an abundance of seals.

What do you think should happen inside the buildings?

Answered: 12
Skipped: 0

  1. Family friendly entertainment, craft classes, creative arts, environmental learning, also the possibility to borrow litter pickers to fill a rubbish bag. Traditional tea room.
  2. Education, activity centre, gift shop where schools, families and tourists can visit. Hospitality! Restaurant/cafe. Plots for street food vendors to rent day/night. Events space? That can be rented
  3. Conservation education lessons, local information on history of Leven and Fife going back to ice age through to now. How it was formed etc, sea life in the North Sea , possible aquarium ? Rock pools etc to educate . Social cafe ran to support local people in need of jobs/ training/ help.
  4. Info on how the coast,its history,wildlife,marine life
  5. Education good. Needs to be more like the Discovery museum than the V&A
  6. Education , meetings, concerts , sea and star gazing , alcohol free zone !
  7. Cafes, art exhibition space, local history/wildlife. It should be focussed on things that local people actually have interest in, not whales.
  8. A multipurpose space, cafe possibly even a restaurant to allow the space to be used for functions.
  9. Wildlife and environmental information, exhibits and activities. Seafood from the East Neuk. Seaside snacks from other seafaring neighbours – Belgian Waffles, Dutch pancakes (poffertjes)
  10. Education, marine information, cafe, gift shop, seafood restaurant, birdlife link to Isle of May similar to the one at North Berwick. Creative space for arts projects
  11. Food, education, space that could be hired out for functions

Could you share ideas for how to run a campaign like this?

Answered: 11
Skipped: 1

  1. School kids drawing competition to design an info leaflet, the kids can also learn about the historic whale industry (and the reasons it’s not good) and many other environmental connections to the sea shore. Kids get excited about it and suck their parents in too
  2. Stay current and relevant, local publicity. Represent at local events all over fife
  3. Instagram, Facebook, put up regular bulletins in local shops
  4. No sorry
  5. Think railway campaign is a great model , lots of groundwork built in with excellent social media presence.
  6. No decisions at all should have been made in the first place by local mp’s.
  7. No.
  8. A social media driven campaign with lots of teasers to build audience on the journey
  9. Sorry have no experience of this
  10. No sorry

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