Actions from Meeting 30 September

Actions from Meeting 30 September

We welcomed Gordon Thomson who has joined the group. Gordon’s information has been circulated separately.

We agreed our next priorities will be accessing funds for a feasibility study, creating a specific objective for the petition and establishing potential funders’ requirements.

We also agreed to stop weekly meetings after the October events and review their frequency to fortnightly/monthly as required.


  • The Silvernburn Pop Up was postponed until the 10th October so Tanya will inform them.
  • Ken will forward the jacket invoice to Graham for confirmation of payment.
  • Eugene will liaise with Dave Paterson re use of investment consultant.
  • Tanya will progress the Volunteering Matters application for litter picking equipment.
  • Eugene and Linda will meet to discuss approaches to feasibility study funding
  • Gordon will create a simple diagram showing the processes re the whale structure creation.
  • James will contact OSCR re application
  • Eugene will contact local MSPs re OSCR delay unless James has good news.

Next meeting 19.00 Wednesday 7th October

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