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    Application for Membership of LEVENMOUTH WHALE PROJECT (the Company)

    I wish to apply to become a member of the above company and agree to be bound by the provisions of the company’s articles of association, its rules and by-laws.

    In particular, I agree to guarantee the debts of the company up to a maximum amount of £1 if the company is wound up while I am a member and for a period of up to 12 months after my membership ends.

    Subject to my application being successful, I authorise you to enter my name in the company’s register of members.

    Use of personal data

    The Company guarantees that your personal data will not be sold or otherwise made available to any third party.


    I authorise the company’s use of my address and other contact details only for the following purposes:

    To allow communication with and between members and the board of directors,

    To allow my data to be entered into the official company members’ register.

    Get in touch!

    Address: c/o Levenmouth Whale Project, Thomson House, Levenmouth Community Enterprise Centre, Harbour View, Methil, Leven, KY8 3RW
    Phone: 01334 828 969

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